21 Fun Bullet Journal Self-Isolation Ideas

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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

We are in very unusual times at the moment because of COVID-19. There is only so much cleaning and TV you can watch. So I have made a list of things to do with your bullet journal to pass the time. I have also created a new course called “Bullet Journaling for Beginners” so if you know anyone that wants to learn bullet journaling you know where to send them.

Bullet Journal Ideas To Keep You Busy

  • Start a bullet journal if you haven’t got one already. Read ‘Setting up your new bullet journal‘ .
  • Create a routine spread in your bullet journal, of what each day needs to look like. It’s very important to have some semblance of routine so that we feel we have some control over everything.
  • Create some art/scrapbook spreads in your bujo. I have created a page devoted to where I want to be. It’s not finished yet. They are pictures of Vancouver.
Vancouver scrapbook bullet journal spread
  • Try journaling using journaling prompts. Here are some for you.
    • How am I feeling about everything that is happening in the world?
    • What gives me hope about the situation we are in?
    • Where have I seen the light and good coming out of people in all of this?
    • What do I NEED for myself today?
  • Track your habits. Just because we’re in self-isolation it doesn’t mean we should drop all our healthy habits and routines. Now more than ever we need them to keep us happy and don’t forget healthy. So this is an excuse for you to create a page of habit trackers that will help you remember your daily routine. You probably now have the time to try out a new style of habit tracker too.
April 2020 bujo habit tracker
  • Create a daydream page. Add drawings, pictures anything about what you think about in your daydreams.
  • 5 year plan. After you’ve daydream why not create a 5 year plan on how you are going to achieve your daydream.
  • Practice gratitude. List one thing a day that you are grateful for. I find this shifts my focus to what’s good about my world.
Gratitude log
  • Future plan. Just because you have nothing happening right now it doesn’t mean you can’t create your logs into the future when you will be free of isolation. This means you can try new layouts with your spreads Yay.
Bullet journal week 1
This is one of my weekly logs that I will be trying out
  • Create a vision board in your bullet journal.
  • Practice doodling. There are so many step by step instructions for cute doodles on Pinterest it’s ridiculous.
  • Take up calligraphy. I started out with faux calligraphy just using a fineliner, and then I graduate to dip pen calligraphy and brush pen. I really recommend this course. Premium brush calligraphy to start out. Be careful it’s very addictive!
  • Experiment with watercolours in your bullet journal. Read this post about what I did with watercolours in my bujo. It’s really quite fun!
  • Watch bullet journal videos on youtube.
  • Create a movies/tv shows to watch collection.
Bullet journal tv show tracker
TV Show tracker
  • Sign up for Skillshare and learn something new about bullet journaling, calligraphy or just about anything. If you use this link you get two months free.
  • Create a medical spread, listing your relevant history, medications etc.
Medical info page
  • Create a health snack ideas collection. Being stuck at home with little to do snacking out of boredom can become a habit so nip it in the bud with healthy snack ideas.
  • Things to do when you’re bored. This list will also help with eating out of boredom.
  • Self care collection. You need to look after your mental and physical health while in isolation.
Self care bullet journal collection
  • Lastly, make a collection devoted to what you are going to do when your isolation can end. Because it will end, it may not feel like it right now but it will

I hope that this list helps you stay happy and healthy while in self-isolation. If you feel like sharing after you’ve done anything on this list, email me a pic to [email protected] and I will put it in the gallery. Take care of yourself. xoxo

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