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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

I am a lot of things but an artist I’m not. So when I started bullet journaling I started looking for simple bullet journal decoration ideas to make my journal prettier. I have found 7 simple ways to decorate that the non-artist can do.

Use brush lettering and calligraphy

Don’t you love the look of brush lettering? I’m not very good at it yet, so I tend to stick to calligraphy and faux calligraphy for my bullet journal decorating. I got myself a modern calligraphy kit by Manuscript and signed up for Skillshare where I did a course by Audrey Ko – Modern Calligraphy pointed pen basics. I highly recommend Skillshare and Audrey’s class and if you click HERE to sign up you get 2 months free.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink
Calligraphy in my bullet journal

If you like brush lettering I have been using the Duotip Callicreative brush markers also by Manuscript and I have a few Tombow markers that I love also. Like calligraphy brush lettering is all about pressure on the point of the pen, it takes practice but you can do it. I recommend skillshare again for brush lettering courses and for $2.50 for 2 months you can’t go past that.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink
Brush lettering example

Decorative stickers

My second favourite way of bullet journal decorating is using stickers. I use both decorative and functional stickers. Functional stickers are stickers such as headings and list icons. If you search for bullet journal stickers in google or etsy you will find hundreds of different stickers. My favourite company is Stella Beau Sticker Co. She has a great range of stickers that I use daily functionally and making my spread prettier.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink
Bullet Journal daily log with stickers

Washi tape

Washi tape is a simple way of adding colour to your spreads. I use it a few different ways.

  • Firstly I use it on the very edge of my journal(folded over the edge) to colour code sections of my bujo, I use a different colour for every month, its then easy to open up to your current month without flipping through your bullet journal.
  • Use it to cover up mistakes, just rip a piece off and cover up that spelling mistake.
  • Headers that you write on.
  • Use it for the border of a page
  • Washi can be used like tape to fix a piece of paper into your bullet journal, making the paper into a sticky note.


Watercolours make lovely backgrounds to your pages. I have only just discovered watercolours for my bullet journal. I often create a header with watercolours for my collections, but don’t limit yourself to just this, go and search in youtube “watercolour bullet journal”. You will find lots of good tutorials on how you can use water colours in your bullet journal. I love the Meeden Artist foldable watercolours because they are compact and come with a brush and water brush.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

I have been watching a lot of youtube videos on how to do this. This is my latest find by Scraps & Stamps, she isn’t using a bullet journal but she is making a watercolour background which is what interests me about it.

Stencils & Stamps

Stencils and stamps are so useful, especially for fiddly things such as putting a little month calendar in your bullet journal. As I cannot make a little month calendar using pens to save myself I use these stamps.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink


Drawings are a great way to fill parts of your pages. I love drawing cacti and roses because they are very simple to do. Read “Easy bullet journal doodle ideas” for more in-depth doodling.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink
From @amandarachlee

Coloured pens

Coloured pens would have to be the easiest method of making your bullet journal pretty. I tend to make my week spreads specific themes, so I will pick a couple of colours and stick to them for the week. I LOVE the Staedtler Fineline Triplus pens in the 36 pen pack. I’m addicted to the dusky pink and dusky blue colours for my current month.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

So that is my 7 easy ways of decorating my bullet journal. I hope that you find it useful and consider subscribing to my blog to be notified when new posts are up. Below is my list of recommended products that I love and use.


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%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

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  1. When I used a BuJo I bought so many stickers and washi tape, cause I sucked at doing anything artsy. At the moment I gave up on the idea, but I might start a new one next year.

    1. Hi Carmen, I know what you mean about buying it all because you suck at artsy stuff. I have some washi but I forget to use it a lot and just use my stickers and watercolours. Bujo’s are great because you can start them any time.

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