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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

So you want to know how you can use your bullet journal for work. Well I hope that this article shows you some things that you can take and customise for your own purposes. My business bullet journal is my bible. It has everything in it, from password collections to daily logs and everything in between. I am so thankful that I found this system and I hope you find it just as helpful.

As a business owner I have discovered the value of forward planning and getting tasks on auto-pilot. The bullet journal, for business owners, is invaluable for this. I have learnt the value of routines for my business. I have a collection of routines in my bullet journal, so that I know what I should be doing on any day. I’ve done this because it takes the pressure off me to remember what I should be doing at any stage. The picture below is of my routine cheat sheet and is a work in progress always.

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%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

The Value of Statistics

If your a business owner it’s very important to keep an eye on your figures. Not just your financials but your social media statistics and if you have a website, your site metrics. Even if your not a business owner it can be useful to track your sales figures. I use my business bujo to track the site statistics for both of my businesses over the year and then plug them into my spreadsheets. Both of my businesses are new as you can see from the statistics below.

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Everyone has Goals

Without goals a business or even a person is just floating, not really going forward and most of the time going backwards. When I was an employee I hated having targets but as a business owner I now know the value of having targets or goals. They focus your attention on attaining your desired outcome. It is important that they are SMART goals as well, this means they are specific, measurable, achievable and timely. If they aren’t SMART what’s the point of having a goal? I have another post altogether about goal setting.

I really like the goal collection below, as she doesn’t just list her goals but breaks them down into why, obstacles and her action plan.

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Future Log

I have only just started using a future log, previously I would only plan out a month in advance but I can see the benefit of planning out longer. You can set goals more effectively if you plan out at the least quarterly.

So my future log is a place that I can break down my quarterly targets/tasks into smaller tasks and avoid becoming overwhelmed. As you will see below my future log is a work in progress.

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Monthly Spread

As a business owner I know how vital it is to plan things in advance. Whether its sales or behind the scenes tasks, if you don’t plan it into your schedule your going to get surprised by it. There are a couple of main ways that you can do your monthly calendar setup. The traditional way (don’t worry I have pictures ) that Ryder Carroll (inventor of bullet journaling) does it in the form of a page with the days of the month listed down the left hand side. Or if you want to get more creative you could draw a calendar over a two page spread. I use my calendar to get an outline of events and tasks that are happening during the month. Then I get more detailed and break it all down in my weekly and daily spreads.

Weekly Spread

The weekly spread in your bullet journal can be where you start to breakdown your goals and tasks for the month. It is important to me but it may be something you decide you don’t need and that is totally fine. That’s the beauty of bullet journals you are not fixed to using it how everyone uses theirs. The spread below is because I wanted to experiment with watercolours (read about my experiment here). You could totally just have the days of the week and room for a list underneath each heading.

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Daily Log

The daily log is where I do something different, I haven’t seen others doing in this way. I did some business training awhile ago and part of it was creating a daily inspiring task list.

So your day starts with you writing and reminding yourself what the big idea for your business is. Don’t censor your idea, it is the most exciting outcome you can imagine for your business. Then next, what is your next logical step? This is a step that has to happen for you to move to the next level in your business. Finally what is the one important outcome you most need to achieve today to grow your business and move towards the next logical step.

Once you have done that under things to do you create a task list of priority tasks for the day and then rate them. I rate my tasks A, B, C but you could use Pareto’s principles or some other scheme. The idea is that you are always working on tasks that are going to get you closer to your Big Idea.

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Time Tracking

If you are a freelancer or something similar it;s very useful to track hours worked in your business bullet journal. Whether you do this like the image below, in a separate collection or on the bottom of your daily or weekly log is totally up to you.

A log of hours worked

So that is my bullet journal for business. The rest of my bujo is collections such as hashtag lists to refer to, project brainstorming and business notes. Its important to remember you are essentially designing your own planning system and there is no right or wrong solution.

So I hope this look at my business bullet journal helped you design your personalised bullet journal for work. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions on this topic that I can help you with. If you are studying go and read my post “8 Helpful bullet journal ideas for students

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%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

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