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Hand lettering and faux calligraphy

Hand lettering and Faux Calligraphy by Sarah Milner

Hi Everyone.  Today’s post is by a friend of mine and very talented surface pattern designer, Sarah Milner.  She is giving us an introduction to hand lettering and faux calligraphy.

Hello! My name is Sarah. I am an Australian surface pattern designer living in Far North QLD. I create patterns and designs that can go on all sorts of surfaces such as: gift wrap, stationary, fabric etc… Pretty much anything you see that contains a pattern, whether its’s your crockery set, wall paper or t-shirt, has a designer behind it. Creating patterns is something I am passionate about! I’m inspired by the beauty of nature around me, childhood memories, my kids, art, architecture … there is inspiration everywhere! You’re welcome to check out my patterns at,  my website at or facebook.

5 tested benefits of journaling and how to do it

5 Tested Benefits Of Journaling And How To Do It

Journaling either as a daily ritual or when your feeling stressed has been shown to have many benefits. It can help calm and clear your mind and help you deal with any negative or anxious thoughts. It can help you release and let go of any stress you’ve experienced throughout the day, and it can even help you to become more aware of what you struggle with each day.

Bullet journaling for beginners

Bullet Journaling For Beginners

I have recently re-discovered bullet journalling, previously I used pre printed planners and stickers for planning and journalling so its all very new to me.  The purpose of this post is to put all the resources I’ve found useful in one place so they might help you too.

Firstly I recommend watching the video directly below by Ryder Carroll who is the guy that invented bullet journaling.  Its a useful video as it gives you an overview of how the bullet journal works and what to do to get started.

Does a left hander need a left handed fountain pen

Does A Left Hander Need A Left Handed Fountain Pen

There are a lot of factors that influence how good or bad an experience a left hander has with fountain pens.  This article will try to address some of them for you.

Firstly Some interesting trivia about left handers.

Left-handers are generally more capable of using their right hand for tasks than right-handers are using their left hand.  Also males are 30% more likely to be left-handed than females.