February 2020 Bullet Journal Setup And Ideas

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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

My February bullet journal setup this year is love themed because of Valentine’s day. I went nuts with the red and pink colours and drawings. I am going to show you my setup and some other examples of love themed spreads.

Monthly Spread

I really like how this spread turned out. I cheated and used a stencil from Imaginary Arts for the daily boxes. I recommend you go look at Imaginary Arts site as they have lots of different styles and really good prices.

February bullet journal month spread

Did you know that the month of February is creative romance month, I found that out while google what’s on in February. Another fact, the day after Valentine’s day (14th) is singles awareness day.

Some Other Monthly Spreads

Weekly Spreads

So I’m trying to get back into using weekly spreads, for a while now I’ve been using just the monthly and daily. This has lead to a few events falling through the cracks, so here is some cute simple weekly spreads for your February bullet journal.

Other Weekly Spreads

February bullet journal weekly spread

February Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

In my monthly habit tracker this month I am tracking water and exercise because I’m trying to increase both of them. I track my moods on a yearly tracker so I don’t worry about it every month.

Bullet journal habit tracker

Other Habit Trackers

February Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Memories Collection

This year I added a memories collection to my monthly bullet journal setup. It’s just a brief sentence or word that stands out for me in the day.

bujo memories collection

Other Memories Collections

Gratitude Log

I love the gratitude log idea, and I try to write one thing I’m grateful for every day. It really gives me a way of reframing the moment if I’m having a bad day.

bujo gratitude log

Other Gratitude Logs

Simple bullet journal gratitude log

Bullet journal gratitude log in a square

Affirmations Collection

I have been working on becoming more confident so as part of this I created an affirmations collection that I write in everyday. I say the affirmations out loud to myself throughout the day also.

bujo affirmations collection

February Music Playlist

Another collection I started this year is a monthly playlist collection. I have the list in spotify too.

bullet journal monthly playlist

Here is my January Playlist.

Other Playlist Collections

Bullet journal playlist collection

End Of Month Review

I have been seeing this type of collection around lately so I am starting one this month.

bullet journal monthly review

Other Monthly Reviews

That’s my February bullet journal setup for 2020. I hope you got some ideas from it and if you feel like sending in your February bullet journal setup email me at [email protected]

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