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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

So you have got to the end of your beloved bullet journal. Now what?? You get to set up a new bullet journal and migrate the collections (if you choose to), from your old journal. It may seem like a scary task but it’s not really I promise. Migrating bullet journals is only as difficult as you make it.

It’s exciting to be able to start a new bullet journal (well for me anyway). There are so many different brands and sizes. I stick to the A5 and B6 sizes as they are a good size for me. The B6 fits in my bag perfectly and the A5 is the right size to fit everything in it.

Shop For A New Bullet Journal

I’m not a shopaholic,

I’m helping the economy

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Archer & Olive notebooks

So which notebook to buy? Here are my recommendations in no particular order.

  • Archer & Olive – These are gorgeous notebooks with 160gsm white paper. The beautiful covers are simple but effective. I love them and they are for sure my favorite notebooks.
  • Rhodia Goalbooks – These notebooks are the workhorses of my business bullet journal. With durable faux leather and 90 gsm, ivory brushed vellum Clairefontaine paper they are worth the investment.
  • Nuuna notebooks – These funky notebooks are made from varying materials such as bonded leather and jean label material, they have gorgeous cover designs. The dot grid in these books is 3mm’s though, whereas the others are the standard 5mm. This just means that you can write smaller or larger more easily.
  • Leuchtturm 1917 – A classic staple in the bullet journal family. They are great value for money and have all the bells and whistles. They aren’t my favorite though as I find them a bit boring.

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Next Step: Review

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The next thing you need to do is flip through your full bullet journal and start a few lists. List what worked and what didn’t work, this is important don’t skip it. If you do you may end up making the same spreads and collections that didn’t work for you previously. Then create a list of collections you want to migrate to the new bujo and a list of new ideas that you want to incorporate in your new bullet journal.

When it comes to migrating collections you should probably think to yourself, “how often am I going to use/need this collection?” If the answer is not often it might be worth your while to just reference or thread the collection in your new bullet journals index with the page number and book number that its in. This can save you time copying something that isn’t going to be used. Ryder Carroll (the bullet journal system creator) says, “only what still matters” should be migrated.

Setting Up Your New Bullet Journal

Now that you have figured out what is going to go into your new bujo, its time to set it up. It’s really easy to do, you just need some time to do it.

  • I start from the front and create my index pages, saving 4 pages for this.
  • Then the bullet journal key is added on the next available page, followed by the future log. I usually save 3 pages for the future log as I don’t tend to write too much in it other than birthdays and public or school holidays.
  • After these three key pages are added to your bullet journal you will want to decide where you are going to put your migrating bullet journal collections. I add them to the next available pages after my future log, but it’s totally up to you.

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Transferring Your Collections

In the first step of your bullet journal migration, you would have decided which ones of your collections that you want to transfer to your new bujo and which ones you were going to leave behind. Firstly we will deal with the collections we are migrating to your new bujo.

Putting your collections into a new journal is an opportunity to update that collection. From decorating to new content you can start fresh. I start by putting my collections in the front of my new bullet journal straight after the future log. I don’t do this all in one go though, I tend to take a few days to do it. This usually means I will have done my current month’s calendar and weekly spreads and the migrated collections then follow on the next free page after these. It sounds a little messy but I really like to get my collections looking good, so its a bit of a trade-off I make. But that’s the beauty of bullet journals there is no right or wrong way to put it together.

Threading Collections

Just because you are leaving a collection behind it doesn’t mean you can’t reference or thread them in your new bullet journal. Threading is the process of referencing an item or collection on a different page or book. So to thread collections in another bullet journal you will need to number each of your bullet journals. Then you add the collection name into your index and for the page number, you would put it in your new bullet journal like so 1.47. 1 being the book number and 47 is the page number in the book.

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If you are starting a collection in your new bullet journal that you also had in your previous bujo and you don’t want to transfer the text from the previous page and book. How you would do this is, on your new page, create your collection and then next to the page number reference the previous book and page number as 1.47.

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Monthly, Weekly & Daily Logs

Once you have migrated your collections to your new bullet journal, all that’s left to do is add your monthly, weekly and daily logs for the month you are in. All 3 of these logs are totally optional. If you don’t use all of these logs then leave them out. I use all three. My monthly for birthdays and recurring bills. Weekly logs for appointments, birthdays, bills and trackers. Finally my daily log for journaling and daily tracking of water and moods

How Easy Was That?

And you’re done, was it as painless as you thought? The migration of bullet journals should be a fun chance to do things differently (if you want to) and start fresh. So just remember there is no right and wrong way to bullet journal it’s your own way and system.

I hope you found this article helpful in setting up your new bullet journal. Please feel free to comment or email me at [email protected] I am always up for suggestions and feedback.

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%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

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