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I love modern calligraphy! Whether it’s with a traditional pen and nib or a brush pen, I can’t get enough. I even teach it to a group of kids at my local school. On this page you will find everything I found useful when I started learning these skills. I hope you find them useful.

  • Skillshare – I really recommend SkillShare, you can find courses on just about anything there. Sign up using the link provided and you get 2 months free. Once you have signed up search for “Modern Calligraphy: Pointed Pen Basics” by Audrey Ko.  This class will take you about a week to complete but it is well worth the time as she makes calligraphy so easy to do.
  • Youtube Playlist – A list where I keep the videos that I have found useful.
  • Pinterest board – This is a board where I have saved worksheets, blog posts etc about modern calligraphy

Blogs I’ve found useful

The Postman’s Knock – A great site for learning calligraphy, printables and Ideas for projects.  She has a very extensive site full of fun stuff. I have saved some of her videos to my pointed pen calligraphy playlist on youtube. 

The Happily Ever Crafter – A good site for calligraphy and brush lettering blog posts and youtube videos.

IAMPETH – This is a professional body of calligraphers but they have a good resource page with guide sheets and lessons. 

Things Unseen Design – This is Audrey Ko’s website and the following link is for the worksheets for the Audrey style of calligraphy that she teaches in her skillshare class. 

A Lettering Daily post ‘Brush lettering for beginners’. This is another good website for lettering resources.  Subscribe to their newsletter, they don’t spam you.


I find I’m more inspired to practice lettering after I’ve been looking at Instagram for inspiration first. Two Instagram hashtags I use are #brushletteringpractice and #brushlettering. Instagrammers to follow 

Instagram accounts to follow:


The Flourish forum – This forum is a source of inspiration for all things calligraphy. A great place to ask questions.


Sumi Ink – You can buy this online or Daiso have it in stock in the art section. 

Nib holder – Oblique or straight.  The advantage of the oblique holder for right handers is that it helps get the nib in the right position on the page which is about 55 degrees.  Left handers don’t tend to need and oblique pen.

Paper – I use a range of paper from Rhodia to Cason & Manuscript.

Paper towel – this is for wiping your nib periodically

Jar of water – for cleaning your nib periodically.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink