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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

Since we are all having to be socially distant because of COVID-19 and many of you may be stuck at home, I thought I would share my favourite Pinterest boards with you.

Bullet Journal Doodle Pinterest Boards

Thass and Kirsty over at Diary Of A Journal Planner have a great Pinterest board about Bullet Journal Doodles. There is 700 odd pins in the board all devoted to teaching you to doodle different things. Worth taking a look at for sure.

Nikola has a large collection of doodle guides in this board. What sucked me into it is all the succulent and cute animal doodle guides she has on this board. Very cute!

Bujo Love’s Bullet journal decorating board. This is a collection of my favourites ways to decorate my bullet journal.

Pinterest Boards For Bullet Journal Layouts

I love new and different things in every part of my life but some days I struggle to create different layouts for my bujo. This board by Gorgeous Crafts seems to be mostly instagram pins of different layouts for every part of your bullet journal. I use it when I just want to see picture of layouts and not have to click into an article first.

This next board is a group board by Elizabeth Journals, devoted to layouts for every part of your bullet journal. The board has been divided into sections too so you can find layouts for whatever part of the bullet journal you want. I really like it because it is so well thought out and comprehensive.

Bullet Journal Inspiration Pinterest Boards

This is Bujo Love’s Pinterest board devoted to bullet journal inspiration.

The following Pinterest board has 19,000 plus pins all in different categories for ease of finding relevant stuff. It’s also by Elizabeth Journals.

This board by SquareLimeDesign has 40,000 + pins in it. If you want a lot of options for inspirational bullet journal collections this is the one to follow

Pinterest Bullet Journal Goal Setting Boards

This board is my own board with useful articles on goal setting in your bullet journal. There doesn’t seem to be many large boards devoted to this topic.

Smart Twenties has a large amount of pins on this board that I found relevant for goal setting. Not necessarily targeted to bullet journaling but can be adapted no problem to your bullet journal.

This board from Masha Plans is another really great one. Masha Plans seems to pop up in all my Pinterest searches lately and her posts are always well done.

Pinterest Bullet Journal Home Organisation

This board is dedicated to Mums and organisation around the home life using your bullet journal. It’s a pretty comprehensive board around the subject.

Home organisation articles to the extreme with this board. There are 5000 posts on home decluttering and organisation. I think you will like it!

Bullet Journal Meal Planning Boards

This board has blog posts and tools that help you with your meal planning in your bullet journal.

This board isn’t for bullet journal meal planning but it has some great articles about meal prepping.

Study Pinterest Boards

This pinterest board has a good diverse range of study tips for all ages. The board descriptions says it all. Strategies and materials to help students learn more effectively, to better prepare for assessment, and to attain higher achievement in all subjects.

This is another comprehensive pinterest board for studying that is broken down into sections.

And this board is targeted to the stressed out student.

Working From Home Pinterest Boards

This pinterest board has pins on how to work from home as well as finding work from home work.

Another working from home pinterest board that has some interesting articles in it for you work from home people.

Kids Activities Pinterest Boards

The indoor activities pinterest board from Fun with Mama has some really cool ideas for kids when they can’t go outside.

All things teen! Teen activities to prevent the “I’m bored!” constantly. Here you’ll see how to bond with your teens and more.

That is it for my favourite Pinterest boards at the moment. I hope you find something worth looking at in them.

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