%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

The Monteverde Tool pen is a unique and useful pen. It combines a pen with 5 handy tools. I have been using it for a while now and find it very handy.  I am in no way a handywomen but I have used the features to my capabilities.

Firstly it is a good size for writing with and has a nice weight at approximately 30 grams.  It is very smooth and well balanced to write with, in the ballpoint version, which is what I used for my review.  It does come in a pencil, fountain pen and ink ball too.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

The tools on the Monteverde tool pen have been useful for me as I am always looking for a ruler and this is perfect for my needs, though I have no use for the scaled rulers of 1/300m and 1/200m, the other two are centimetres and inches and those I use.  On another of the 6 sides, there is a spirit level that I checked its capabilities against a real spirit level and it is accurate.  Then there is the stylus, I was dubious about this because I have never found a stylus that works well, but this one actually does work well for selecting and scrolling so this I like.  Underneath the stylus is the screwdrivers, Phillips and flat blade, these aren’t very big but are a good size for adjusting glasses or unscrewing battery covers from toys, etc. Finally the pen clip is a very sturdy spring clip that won’t let go of material very easily so won’t fall out of pockets.

My husband has also used this pen for approximately 6 months now. In his job he has had to use it for measuring clearance of vehicles and also taking number plates off vehicles. He has found it indispensable for this type of thing. All together this pen is a handy tool that is more than the novelty pen I thought it would be and I would recommend it to anyone.

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%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

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