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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

Because I have ADHD I struggle with focus and productivity, but in the last 6 months, I have created for myself a bullet journal daily log that helps me with my ADHD. I am passionate about achieving productivity and focus so I’m showing it to you in the hope that it may help you too. If you haven’t read my previous bullet journal and ADHD post you can find it here.

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Breaking down my daily bullet journal log

Starting from the top of your bullet journal daily log. The Big Idea is your big idea. What you are working towards either personally or professionally. It is where you want to see your self in a certain timeframe. My posts about goal setting may help you to figure this out. They are here. I believe it is important to write this out every day so that you have a focused goal that you can work towards. Next is your next logical step.

The next logical step is just that, what are you logically going to do, to get that step closer to your big idea. If your big idea is to run a marathon at the start your next logical step may be to run 5 kilometers non-stop. Do you see what I mean? Following on from your next logical step is today.

Today is the one goal that you are going to achieve today to reach that next logical step. For instance, going for a run is a goal for today to get your closer to your next logical step. So far these things have been about goals, now we are going to plan your day.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink
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I start with my schedule and put in my non-negotiable tasks in their time slots. For instance check emails and social media goes in my first time slot followed by when I’m going to have lunch. Then I schedule in what didn’t get done in yesterday’s schedule and lastly anything else that needs to be done.

Then on the left-hand side, I have a running to-do list of things that are not urgent but I can do if I have time. So my projects that aren’t time-constrained go here. After these two columns is my focus tracker.

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The focus tracker is for you to block on the times you have focused and been productive. This becomes useful once you have a week or more of them filled out and you can hopefully see patterns of focus. This way you can plan your daily schedule better.

The last thing in your bullet journal daily log is an affirmation. I like to have a positive affirmation that I can repeat during the day to keep me motivated. My current affirmation is, “I possess the qualities to be extremely successful”. If your not into affirmations though then you can just leave this section out.

Here is a completed ADHD bullet journal daily log, so that you can see how it works. I sincerely hope that this helps you to achieve your desired focus and productivity. Please comment on the post as I would love to hear from you.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

Product Recommendations

There are few products that I recommend as they have to be bullet journal and fountain pen friendly. The products below fit these requirements.

Bullet Journal Notebooks:


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