Valuable Bullet Journal Ideas for Teens

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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

Most traditional planners really don’t suit a teenager as they have a rigid layout and are just boring. Bullet journals are fun, doesn’t matter what age you are! You can make them totally customised to how you want to use them and make them look. Then as an additional benefit, they keep you organised. To learn the basics on how to set up your bullet journal have a read of this post, “Setting up your new bullet journal“. After you’ve read that post come back here and we will talk more about bullet journal ideas for teens.

Getting Started With a Bullet Journal Ideas For Teens

Now that you have the idea of how to set up a bullet journal, or bujo, we can talk more about how teens may use or want to use one.

Firstly why would a teen want to use a bullet journal? The primary reason is I think, that it is so much fun to use. A bullet journal is a blank slate for them to be free with their creativity. The second reason to have a bullet journal is to keep everything organised. Everything in your life should go in your bullet journal in some form. From appointments and school schedule to ideas and drawings, it all goes in your bujo and an entry for it goes in your index with the page number.

Other important reasons to use a bullet journal for teens are:

  • Academic success
  • Less anxiety
  • Increased self-esteem
  • More efficient use of time
  • More productivity
  • Less fighting within the household
  • Development of positive long-term habits


Tips For Getting Started

  1. There is a lot to learn when you start out bullet journaling. So I recommend that you set up your bujo together with a parent or someone who uses a bullet journal. You may want to check in with your helper at the end of the day on how to migrate things
  2. Brainstorm what parts of your life feel disorganised and prioritise setting these things up first in your bullet journal. Start a list of these things in your bullet journal and remember to add it to your index so you can find it later.

Fun Tools For Your Bullet Journal

My favourite bujo tool lately has been stencils. The reason I love stencils is that you can bring fun doodles to your bullet journal without having to be an artist. I get all of my stencils from Imaginary Arts. From lettering to patterns and animals these guys make them all and are great quality.

  • Bullet journal stencil cherry blossom
  • Bullet journal 2020 cover

Coloured pens and pencils are a cheap easy way to pretty your pages. They don’t have to be fancy brands, dollar store pens will do. Though I am very partial to brush pens by Tombow and Faber-Castell.

Drawing with pitt artist pens

Washi is a great way to put a splash of colour on your pages. It comes in with so many different patterns and colours and you can buy it anywhere nearly. My favourite spot to buy it is Amazon.

bujo goals

Something you might not think of to use in your bujo is watercolours. As long as your bullet journal paper will take it, there is no reason not to use watercolours or other paints in your bujo. I get mine from Amazon. A tip with watercolours is, try them out in the back of your bullet journal first before anywhere else.

Bullet Journal Collections

Social Media Tracker

Let’s start with the fun bullet journal ideas for teens. Apparently, according to my teenager, teens like to track their social media followers. So here is some pages to customise to track social media followers

Music Playlist

Another cool collection to have is a monthly playlist collection. Where they can list the songs they have been listening to that month. I also create a monthly playlist on Spotify from this collection.

Bucket List

A bucket list is fun to have and mark off as you do each thing. You can break them down into seasons or holidays. They are just a great way to remember things you want to do.

Makeup Collections

As teens experimenting with makeup is fun. If you find a look you like and want to save it for later, put it in a makeup collection. Another collection that is useful is a makeup wishlist. Just list the makeup you want and then if your family wants ideas for presents, or you have spare money, flip to the list and you know what you want to buy.

Period & Mood Trackers

Teenage girls probably don’t see the point in tracking there periods. By tracking them you can make reasonable predictions when you will get them every month. Then you can know when not to plan a pool party or other things like that. You may also then realise why you were in a foul mood at any period in the month. I keep a period and a mood tracker but I also cross reference the two and I can tell when I will be moody.

  • Bullet journal period tracker yearly
  • Fish scales bullet journal period tracker
  • paint spat bullet journal mood tracker
  • leaf bullet journal mood tracker
  • crystal bullet journal mood tracker
  • perfume bottle bullet journal mood tracker
  • pixel bullet journal mood tracker
  • hear bullet journal mood tracker
  • school bujo mood tracker
  • stationery bullet journal mood tracker

Other Trackers

Trackers aren’t just for tracking your mood and period. They are great for developing a new routine. For example you might want to try and increase your water intake. You could track this in its own collection or have a small tracker in your weekly or daily log. Any habit you want to develop create a tracker for it as it will be a visual reminder for you to develop that habit.

Brain Dumps

Sometimes you just need to vent or you have a lot to say about something but it doesn’t warrant creating a whole collection for it. This is where brain dumps come in. Turn to your next blank spread (two facing pages) and label it brain dump. Date your entry and dump whatever you need into it. You can then either go over it immediately and sort out what needs doing or you can come back to it at a better time. I have a brain dump set up each week to hold my vents and ideas. Remember to make a note of it in your daily log so you are reminded that it’s there waiting for you.

Bullet Journal Schedule

Let’s face the time’s everyone needs to have their schedule saved somewhere, whether your phone or your bullet journal we need to know what we are supposed to be doing at any given time. It’s especially important to know what classes you have and when. The next gallery is examples of simple schedules that you can put in the front of your bujo if your schedule doesn’t change or put it in your bullet journal regularly as it changes.

Another important scheduling collection is a dates to remember collection. This is where you list all your assessment due dates in one place for easy viewing. I would also recommend putting your assessment dates in your future log and current months log so there is no chance of missing them.

Homework Tracker

Homework trackers are great. As soon as you get homework it gets written in the tracker with a due date and also put into the future log or monthly log depending when it’s due.

bullet journal homework tracker

Bullet Journal Monthly Log

The monthly log, as Ryder Carroll said, is like a new chapter in your bullet journal. You can use it to see your monthly schedule at a glance or use it in hindsight and add events to it once they have happened so that it’s like a timeline. I prefer the simplicity of the traditional monthly log, the dates written vertically on the left page and the monthly task list on the right page. You might like the opportunity to make it look like a traditional calendar though.

Bujo Weekly Log

Now the weekly log isn’t actually part of the original bullet journal system. I think it’s useful though as it shows your weekly schedule at a glance instead of flipping back to your monthly and then writing events into your daily logs and hoping nothing falls through the cracks. The weekly log is where people get very creative in how it looks so it can be a lot of fun to do. I really like the styles in the below gallery.

  • Bullet journal weekly log
  • One page spread
  • Weekly goals spread
  • Minimal blue spread
  • Watercolor bullet journal spread
  • Boxed weekly spread
  • bujo week 3
  • Bujo week 4
  • bullet journal week 1
  • bullet journal week 2

Last But Not Least Is The Daily Log

Finally, whether you use a daily log or your weekly log has enough room in it for your rapid logging is totally up to you. I don’t find I have enough room in my weeklies so I use a daily log too. You can really achieve a lot more detailed logging by add things to your daily logs like trackers for anything you want, and a timeline so you can track what you’re doing with your time.

So that is it for bullet journal ideas for teens. I hope you get lots of enjoyment and productivity out of your bullet journal with these ideas. Please email me with photos of your collections if you want them to be featured on the blog and feel free to comment on any posts. Lee [email protected] .

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Valuable bullet journal ideas for teens

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