%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

Why use a fountain pen? Are fountain pens really worth it? Are they really that much better than a ballpoint or gel pen? Yes they are is the short answer. I have six reasons that you should try fountain pens.

1. The writing experience with a fountain pen is a lot better than using a ballpoint pen.  Because you don’t apply any pressure to paper to get the ink to flow, as fountain pens work on capillary action, writing with a fountain pen is very smooth.  This also results in less hand fatigue and cramping when writing a lot.

2. Secondly, fountain pens are customisable. They have a wide variety of nib sizes and shapes from extra fine (EF) to double broad (BB) and beyond. Then there are nibs that will write like a calligraphy pen and give you varying width lines. One of the most popular of these being the stub nib which is basically flat on the end so gives the varying thickness in lines like calligraphy.

%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink
Stub Nib

The other way fountain pens are customisable is with the ink.  There are hundreds of different brands of ink all with any colour you can imagine.  You can also get colours that have shimmer or shading.  Shimmer is basically very fine glitter in your ink that shimmers under light and shading refers to the different saturation of colour that appears as you write.

3. A refillable fountain pen is more economic in the long run, as once you have paid the $50 dollars on average for your pen and a bottle of ink, you are set for up to a year before you have to buy a new bottle of ink. My favourite beginner’s fountain pen is the Pilot Kakuno its very inexpensive at $22 and a bottle of Diamine Ink is only $20.

4. Writing with a nice fountain pen that has great ink flow without pressing down, can make your handwriting look better. And I found that when I got my fountain pen I wanted to make my handwriting better so I took more time and attention to my writing than I did before.

5. Fountain pens are better for the environment because most of them are not disposable.  So no more empty bic pens lying around.  When it comes to refilling ink in your fountain pen, there is two options: use disposable cartridges or bottled ink. The most environmentally friendly way of doing this is with bottled ink so there is just one bottle and not a whole lot of little cartridges.

6. Writing notes rather than typing leads to better retention of what’s written.   Students who type notes on a keyboard often transcribe, or write down what the professor says word-for-word. They may write without really thinking about what they are writing.  They don’t process it and write in their own words.  So the process of thinking about how to write something and then writing it helps you remember what you wrote.

As you can see there are a lot of reason’s for taking up writing with a fountain pen, and if you really need to find a justification just say its good for the environment and it saves you money in the long run.

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%192 pages dot grid%pilot metropolitan and iroshizuku ink

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